“The Inexhaustible Transformer”

The world of a “The Inexhaustible Transformer” is ruled by constant transformation. Exotic birds become tailors’ mannequins before next changing into figures in a tacky panopticon and then into pensioners returning to school, held back eternally, doppelgangers fleeing from mirrors and elegant cyclists playing on wire spokes, madly preaching and predicting a new era of happiness for mankind-salvation by bicycle! An empty house full of forgotten rooms turns into a tailor’s workshop, and then a market stall, a school, a parade, and finally a walled-up room. All this takes place in an empty space where the only objects are scissors and bicycle bells.
In this space, only a few words will be heard – written by Bruno Schulz.

Script: Wieslaw Holdys, Oleksander Maksymov, Anna Lenczewska, Jan Mancewicz
Direction: Oleksander Maksymov
Setting of music: Michal Braszak

Peformers: Oleksander Maksymov, Marianna Maksymova, Ihor Stahniv

Premiere: June 2018, Drohobych, Ukraine (VIII Bruno Schulz Festival)

Duration: 60 mins.

Photo: Ira Mutka